Flex Seal Liquid Sealant, Coats, Seals, & Protects

Flex Seal

Flex Seal has been called the handyman in a can. It is liquid rubber sealer that comes in a spray can.

Flex Seal Liquid Sealer

Flex Seal is a liquid rubber aerosol coating & sealant that coats, seals and protects just about every surface. It’s a high-performance product that has been advertised on television that is easy to use and can solve some everyday problems in the home or office.

A leaky roof can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs. And gushing, gutters can easily destroy your home’s foundation over time. The Swift Response LLC Company is promoting a solution to these home problems. They are advertising flex seal on tv.

As Phil Swift demonstrates on the commercial ad that just a quick shot of flex seal can instantly seal cracks and holes stopping a leak.

Flex Seal is totally bendable and waterproof. Flex Seal is perfect for grout repair and basement leaks. This super sturdy rubberized coating is unaffected by weather in extreme heat or cold it keeps its holds.

Finally, it’s easy to seal drip pans and stop leaks and drafts around windows.

The Original Flex Seal, also comes in clear and brite. It sprays out a liquid that seeps deep into cracks and holes and cracks, and dries to a watertight, flexible rubberized coating that seals! The liquid seal keeps out water and lasts for many years! Once it is dry, it can be painted.

Flex Seal New Colors

Flex Seal now comes in nine new colors:

Red Flex Seal
Blue Flex Seal
Green Flex Seal
White Flex Seal
Almond Flex Seal
Orange Flex Seal
Brown Flex Seal
Silver Flex Seal
Yellow Flex Seal

On the television commercial for this sealer Phil Swift shows you the amazing power of this product by replacing the bottom of a boat with screen door and covering it with flex seal. After a day on the water. Not only does the boat stay afloat but the inside is completely dry.

Flex Seal is perfect for skylights, roofs, gutters, mobile homes, appliances, patios, campers, awnings, and so much more. Don’t call a repairman to fix leaks and water damage that could cost you thousands of dollars. You can get flex seal for very low, low price. Flex seal’s new advanced formula is guaranteed to coats seal protect and stop leaks fast.

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