Flex Seal Clear New Transparent Color

Flex Seal Clear Liquid Rubber Sealer

This is the same amazing sealer that is advertised on tv. It stops water leaks fast. It now comes in 3 great colors, black, brite white and now clear. The sealer is very useful and can be used on many home improvement projects.


Have a leaky faucet spray it with flex seal. Use this clear liquid rubber spray on your pipes, window trim, roofs, fountains, skylights, chimneys, campers, duct work and more. Don’t call a plumber or contractor. Fix the leak yourself.

Flex Seal now in Original Black, Brite White, and Clear Transparent sprays out a liquid that will seeps into cracks and holes, and then dries to a watertight, flexible rubberized coating! Flex Seal can seal out water and should last for years! Once dry, Flex Seal can be painted any color of your choosing.