New Flex Seal Liquid Super Thick Formula Sealer

Flex Seal Liquid New Super Thick Sealer Formula

Phil Swift from Swift Response introduces an all new Flex Seal Product. This new sealer is super thick and very flexible. It is a super thick formula that seals out water, moisture and air and can even be painted.

New Flex Seal Liquid in a Can

Flex Seal Liquid – Liquid Rubber in a Can! This awesome sealer product comes in black, white, grey and clear. 

This is another amazing product from Swift Response. You may remember seeing the infomercial with Phil in a boat with a screen door on the bottom sprayed with the Original Flex Seal product. Amazingly Phil and the boat stay afloat. If you like the original sealer product you are sure to love this one two.

New Flex Seal Liquid

With this sealant that comes in a can you are able to protect and change the appearance of just about anything. Works great on products indoors as well as outdoors. Protects things from rusting an corrosion. Nicely seeps into holes and cracks making for speedy repairs.

There are many ways to apply this super thick flexible sealer. You can dip the product inside the can. You can paint it on with a brush, or roll it on or just pour it on. Use it to seal cement crack, fix cracked gutters, seal water pipes that are leaking and so much more. It is a much needed product to have handy in your home. The liquid rubber that comes in a can is able to coat, seal and has the ability to stop many types of leaks fast!

Swift Response creates sealers so the home owner, handyman or renter can fix many home projects themselves without calling in a contractor. And we all know contractors can be very expensive So why pay to repair it when you can Flex Seal it.
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