Flex Seal & Slick Fix Combo FlexSlick

Flex Seal Sealer and Slick Fix Lubricant

With Flex Seal and Slick Fix you can stop leaks and squeaks fast. Flex seal is an amazing sealers that coats, protects and stops leaks. Slick fix is a new advance formula which makes everything it touches slide and glide. Stop the squeaking noises. Make things easier to open and close.

Flex Seal Awesome Features:
Flex Seal sprays out a liquid, which seeps into cracks and holes, and then dries to a watertight, flexible rubberized coating!

Flex Seal™ is perfect for repairs on roofs, gutters, pipes, skylights and much, much, more.

Slick Fix Awesome Features:
SLICK FIX is a new advance formula which makes just about everything it touches slide and glide with ease, it stops squeaks, and all without the wet, sticky mess!

The Slick Fix lubricant reduces surface friction and lasts for a long time.
It is odorless, greaseless, oil free, and does not stain.
The lubricant dries in seconds and it does not attract dirt or dust.
It is much slicker than silicone and it keeps parts and things moving like they should.
You can lubricate almost anything.
Excellent for repelling dirt, tar and bugs from car bumpers.

Flex Seal and Slick Fix are to great products for the home that solve everyday problems. Imagine how many things you can repair in your home or office with these great products from Swift Response LLC.