Swift Response LLC DRTV Television Infomercials

Swift Response – Moving Fast to Produce Positive Results

Swift Response LLC is a marketing company that reaches the consumer through many avenues. A few of these avenues include direct sales, direct response television infomercials, Internet advertising, telemarketing and catalog distribution. Their main focus is on high performance products that are easy to use and solve every day common issues in the work place and home.

Phil and Alan Swift created Swift Response LLC.  Between the two of them they have over 57 years in combined experience in marketing, direct sales, distribution and they have reached revenues in the millions. The two brothers Phil and Alan have sold thousands of specialty products direct to the consumer.

Currently the company is strongly marketing two amazing high performance products.
Swift Response LLC is promoting FLEX SEAL™– A Liquid Rubber Sealant Aerosol Spray Can, that coats, seals and protects every surface. They are also promoting SLICK FIX™ – A Super Dry Lubricant That Makes Everything Slide & Glide and Stops Squeaks, All Without the Wet, Sticky Mess!

Swift Response LLC
2690 Weston Rd. Suite 200
Weston, FL 33331
Ph: 954.282.5400
Toll-Free: 1-888-799-1890
Fax 954-757-6693
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