Phil Swift Pitchman and Marketing Pioneer

Who is Phil Swift?

If you have seen the new Flex Seal ads lately then you have seen Phil Swift. He is the guy in the boat that stays a float after having the bottom sealed with flex seal after the bottom was replaced with a screen door. Phil is also seen as the Pitchman in the infomercial promoting the FlexStick. This product is a lubricant that makes everything it touches slide and glide. It stops the squeaking noises.

Phil Swift started his career in the marketing and direct sales industry back in 1980 giving him over 31 years experience. He truly is a pioneer in his field which includes all aspects of the sales presentation, sales training, new product development, direct response television infomercials, pitchman, internet advertising, telemarketing, script writing and direct response short form infomercials.

Phil and his brother Alan Swift created a company called Swift Response LLC.